Whole30 {60} Week 2

ex mini egg white chocolateLast week was a good week. I had a plan for food and it all went well! I noticed this week that I have stopped thinking about my Starbucks coffee, which is a good thing. By Friday though I was finding my cravings for chocolate coming back. ANNOYING. Especially considering this was the time when I wanted Robert to start eating sweet things in front of me. Also, why does it have to be Easter? And did anyone know that Cadbury decided to make white chocolate mini eggs? Come on now!!! I didn’t remember Easter and I am being mildly tortured by going into grocery stores and see all these mini eggs.

Last week I had on the menu curry cabbage stir fry, apple and arugula bison burgers and chicken roasted in a tomato salsa. All of it was great! By the weekend I found myself desiring chocolate, you know just in time for my husband to practice eating sweets in front of me. Yeahhhh. On Friday he got a cookies and cream milkshake and that was fine. The worst was Sunday at the theatre–I was wanting chocolate super bad and he bought Hershey Hugs to smuggle into the movie. It was going alright {movies are good distractors} but then he leaned over to kiss me with chocolate breath and that was a tough moment. It just shows how far I need to go with chocolate, it still has power over my thoughts.

The rest of the week was alright. I breezed through day 10-11, the hardest days according to the timeline. I didn’t really feel the need to be rewarded for eating well at this point. But day 12-15 where my mind tries to drive me back to the old patterns most certainly happened. I didn’t have food dreams but I just in general could have eaten an entire bag of Hugs, at least mentally I could have.

I am curious to know where my mind will be next week, when Linh and NaTesha all finish their 30 days and I am halfway. I think there might be stress and deep deep cravings happening at that point. I am ready. I am thinking of making my pulled pork chili for next week and maybe ribs. That will be a nice treat!

And as a last thought–my work pants are getting exceptionally large on me {don’t ask why, but my husband was able to put his leg in my waistband of my pants as a test}, I think I might be down a size by the end of this! Now that will be a great excuse to go clothes shopping!!