Change #2: Food

So here is the struggle: I adopted full-paleo at the beginning of the year by doing a Whole 30. It worked really well, I lost weight and I was feeling like a shooting star—full of life and energy. Then after it I slowly saw myself going back to sugar {of course, you tricky vixen} and … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day One

Alright, gentle readers, today I started my challenge. I already knew what my workout was going to be–I go to boot camp on Monday nights and get my butt handed to me by my trainer Jana. Seriously guys, she is super hardkore–her workout on Saturday had Robert puking in the bathroom!! I am not kidding! So tonight … Continue reading

On Fire

I have been an upswing of momentum for a while now but it wasn’t this way back in January or before then. When I started this blog I wanted it to be a place where people, like me, could come and read about how I struggled and either prevailed or didn’t. It has not been … Continue reading

Going Down

Things are thankfully all going in the right direction! You know I was worried a month ago when I was jumping off from my personal trainer, that I would not be able to continue to lose weight, to increase my strength and cardio. I didn’t allow that fear to rule my life. I dug in, … Continue reading

Sad News

My personal trainer, who I have been working with on and off since January is going on vacation next month for three weeks and then is studying a lot in June for an exam. So for the next two months I am going to have to figure this out on my own. I am upset … Continue reading

March Update

I haven’t written in here for a while. It is not because I have fallen off the wagon, oh no I have been working out steadily for the past 6 weeks. But then I got a cold. And the cold was killer. I wasn’t able to workout for ten freaking days! And when I did … Continue reading

It’s Working!!

I still am not the biggest fan of working out, but I have to say that it is working! My jeans are larger, my shirts less snug and my face is smaller. It’s been two weeks and I am feeling the difference as well in the gym. I am running for longer and I am … Continue reading

Bought a Trainer!

Since my last post I have struggled at getting back to the gym and writing down the food I eat. I haven’t really gained much weight back (about 5 pounds) and have since returned to the gym, but I know I need a kick. I have been in the same position for a while and … Continue reading

Trainer Shopping

I have lost the weight from my commute but I am still struggling to get past that point. I know I am not eating the BEST but I am staying under a specific amount of calories. And I have been noticing at my workouts that I am not sweating as much, so I have just … Continue reading