Back? A little…

Still struggling with getting to the box lately. About four weeks ago when I was doing a regular body weight squat my hip had a sharp pain go through it, like a nerve or something was triggered. I have stretched, gone to the box a little less all in an effort to help my body … Continue reading

Ongoing Struggle with Sugar

I have good news here people! It is called a life lesson–seems like I have been having a lot of those lately. This one involved my beloved–sugar. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that sugar is my major downfall, I love it even though I know how bad … Continue reading

I Need New Shoes

It has come to my attention that my squats kind of suck and it’s affecting my hip. You see I have a bum knee from a car accident that happened in 2001 and I have never gotten it looked at. I never really needed to because it never hurt when I was bigger and as … Continue reading

Pain thy Name is…

“Daniel“. Wow. As I write this, my calf muscles are pissed and expressing themselves by being tighter than a virgin on prom night. I did something outside my box–I did a Hero WOD. What is this?? Oh let’s just say it’s a workout that is designed to bring you lots of pain and make you … Continue reading

REAL Crossfit!

On Wednesday my friends Hayley and Debbie and I decided we would try out the “real” crossfit class at our gym. You might be confused…haven’t I always been doing a crossfit class?? I have been doing a bootcamp at the Crossfit gym, where the weights are lower and there is less cardio. Frankly, I hadn’t … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Days 20 – 27

I have to make a confession–I failed at the challenge in the past few days, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort. I have really sensitive skin. I don’t talk about this much because I find it embarrassing when it flares up. What happens is that my skin reacts to underwire on my bra, … Continue reading

Weekend of Workouts!!!

I have had a heck of a weekend for working out–I went to the 8-9:15am boot camp yesterday morning and the 1-2pm boot camp today. Both classes were led by the ever inspiring Jana. This woman has literally been where I am–she was once 200 pounds and out of shape. Now she is a killer … Continue reading

Trainer = Pain = Success

I am exhausted but I felt I needed to write about being with my trainer Jacquie for the first week. Let’s just say that the “fit test” she had me do last Saturday was tiring and it didn’t even have to try. Shit balls!!! I am so out of shape! It’s kind of crazy. Ok … Continue reading