Back? A little…

ex canchiroStill struggling with getting to the box lately. About four weeks ago when I was doing a regular body weight squat my hip had a sharp pain go through it, like a nerve or something was triggered. I have stretched, gone to the box a little less all in an effort to help my body get through this. I went to my massage therapist and although he bruised my ass to work on the muscle and I got some relief, it hasn’t gone away. ENTER my chiropractor. After talking with one of my trainers, she told me to get my ass back to my chiro and to start doing…yoga. Baby steps. I went to my chiropractor last night and surprisingly he didn’t make me levitate off the table in pain, instead he used machines to stretch out my muscles and made an appointment for me on Monday to bring the pain. And he warned me it would be painful, so now I am worried. And have I mentioned he crossfits and power lifts? He is insanely strong. I am legit worried about how bruised my body is going to be after Monday’s visit.

Wish me luck that my hip gets better quickly so that I can workout more. Oh and that I can figure out when I will do yoga, cause I need to start that. A new one opened up near my house….

Other than that, I have been working on my photography stuff! I am done with my two workshops and am now just practicing all the skills I have gained in those 6 weeks. I am post whole30, having some sugar but seriously keeping it in check. I am feeling good!!

P.S. If you live in the Houston area and need someone to work out the kinks in your body, while being a big hilarious dork, Christopher Canada is pretty awesome!!! I always look forward to seeing him {but not the pain, never the pain}. If you know me, you that when I like someone for being quirky and hilarious, you know exactly how great they are. #justsayin

P.P.S If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, go nooooooow!!!!