Pain thy Name is…

Daniel“. Wow. As I write this, my calf muscles are pissed and expressing themselves by being tighter than a virgin on prom night. I did something outside my box–I did a Hero WOD. What is this?? Oh let’s just say it’s a workout that is designed to bring you lots of pain and make you get through it not just physically, but mentally. It also honours a fallen serviceman, this one specifically dedicated to SFC Daniel Crabtree. I don’t know how many people think of the fallen as they do the workout, all I know is that I was thinking “Just one more step, one more, you got this…”.

So here is the workout:

ex pull up50 pull ups {I did mine on a box as I have just graduated to pull ups on the band}

400 meter runex thruster

21 thrusters {you grab a barbell with 95 (men) or 65 (women) and you squat with it and then stand and thrust it over your head}

800 meter run

21 thrusters

400 meter run

50 pull ups

The first little bit was pretty ok. I didn’t stop running in the 400 meter run and I did the pull ups and thrusters in sets of 5 to break it up. The last two runs sucked. I think I basically walked the last one…and then the last set of pull ups?? SO HARD. I was barely making it through the sets of five. Thankfully I had my girl Hayley beside me who killed it by doing 25 in a row beside me!! She was amazing and kept me going. We finished at the same time: 18:11. I feel really great about that time. I know if I work on my running I can get that time to be better.

Of course I feel like I have been beaten into the ground today but I am proud because I was very much on the fence the night before. I didn’t want to do the workout and I was scared. In fact if Hayley hadn’t convinced me over text I probably would have skipped it. And of course, on the other side, I am so glad I did it.

2 thoughts on “Pain thy Name is…

  1. I have done the Murph (only 1/2 Murph) and missed the J.T. Hero ones are awesome and painful. I live in Marine area so they mean a lot here. Awesome job!

    • I could have done a Murph but it was at midnight and that was way past my bedtime. I am now interested to try the rest…sort of!! It took some days to feel normal after it.

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