I Need New Shoes

It has come to my attention that my squats kind of suck and it’s affecting my hip. You see I have a bum knee from a car accident that happened in 2001 and I have never gotten it looked at. I never really needed to because it never hurt when I was bigger and as I started to workout I just thought I wasn’t supposed to do certain movements because I was, well, big. Then I start CrossFit and I realized I should have more mobility in my knee. Tonight I realize, thanks to a new trainer who rocks, that I have been squatting incorrectly because I have been protecting my left knee. So tonight, in my return to CrossFit, I worked on the form of my squat. Well, wouldn’t you know that the shoes I wear are not flat enough and I need a new pair that allow me to both run and weight lift properly. My shoes don’t allow me to wiggle my toes as I come up from my squat, meaning I roll forward. All bad things for squats, my friends! (If you are unconvinced, here is an article explaining why good form is imperative)

Which means I am biting the bullet, I am going to buy some legit CrossFit shoes to run and lift in. And those things are expensive. Not burst your wallet expensive, but still. Enough. Alas, if I want to have a hip that doesn’t hurt, squat form that rocks and maybe better PR’s in my lifts, then I have to do this. I am investing in myself. I plan to go get them tomorrow. I am going to get the Nano 3.0. Might as well get the latest technology for my poor knees and hip!

And you should have seen me tonight after the workout at home, I was in a bottom squat position, pressing out my knees and practicing how I rise from a squat. While icing my heel. I am a wreck and it’s lovely!

ex nano