Trainer = Pain = Success

I am exhausted but I felt I needed to write about being with my trainer Jacquie for the first week. Let’s just say that the “fit test” she had me do last Saturday was tiring and it didn’t even have to try. Shit balls!!! I am so out of shape! It’s kind of crazy. Ok so she has me “warm up” up the treadmill walking a brisk pace of 3.5 and then after 20 minutes of that (imagine me out of breath by this point and it just started) she then says “lets have you run a mile, but walk when you need to.” I laugh to myself and say “sure!”. Sixteen minutes later said mile has been run but mostly walked. Let’s not lie. By then I am allllll warmed up. So let’s do some new torture! She tested my arm strength (sad), leg strength (not bad) and core strength (not bad either). But my cardio and arms are so bad I think I scared her a little.

So the next two days my leg muscles are so tight and sore that when I go to work out again on the Tuesday I can barely do the sixty squats on my program. I am not going to lie, I did 30, max. But I did everything else! Woo hoo! I even did 40 push ups! Wut!! My second workout this week I was able to increase my cardio on the treadmill, which was great and I was able to increase the weights on my chest weights, which is also good! I am seeing small progresses like this and it makes me happy.

Then today happened. I worked 10 hours yesterday and 9 today and masochistically scheduled a workout with Jacquie tonight. Ha ha ha ha ha. So she comes to my home and teaches me how to work out at home without having to leave the house. For the second time she worked me out so well that the entire back of my head was wet from sweat. And I did so many squats and lunges my leg muscles were burning in effigy. Tomorrow all I know is that every place I go to needs to have elevators. I can’t do this stairs shit.

And that has been my week. The good? I worked out three times bitches!!!! That is unheard-of from me! Wut wut! I also think I see myself losing inches already. I also have discovered that epsom salt baths are my best friends.  These babies sooth my aching muscles like nothing can. Advil pales in comparison to these baths. The only thing that rivals the bath is a deep stretch.

The bad? Guys?? I am getting my ass kicked here! LoL I am in pain all the time. Stairs are the devil! Bending and peeing hurt!!! (Not the actual pee process, but the sitting down) But I feel good. I feel like I am waking up from some long slumber.

Next post: how I will be participating in my work’s losing weight challenge. Oh and I am going to win. Mua ha ha ha ha!!!! Glory is MINE!