REAL Crossfit!

On Wednesday my friends Hayley and Debbie and I decided we would try out the “real” crossfit class at our gym. You might be confused…haven’t I always been doing a crossfit class?? I have been doing a bootcamp at the Crossfit gym, where the weights are lower and there is less cardio. Frankly, I hadn’t been thinking of moving up because this class makes me hurt all the time afterwards. But one day, after class, one of the owners asked Hayley why she hadn’t tried out the real class and she proceeded to throw me under the bus, and said she would do it, if I would do it! And then I got sucked in. And then we sucked Debbie in!!

This class wasn’t so bad, we did a 400 meter warm up run and then two rounds of 10 wall balls, 10 pull ups and 10 push ups. One of the things that a crossfit class does that bootcampe doesn’t, is that they work on your strength as well. This day’s strength was the shoulder press. My max weight is 55 pounds! Who knew?? So now I know where my starting point is.

The workout itself was very similar to a bootcamp workout, so I didn’t feel intimidated by it:

ex WOD64 min AMRAP (2 times)(with a 4 minute rest in-between) of:

  • 10 kettlebell snatches into an overhead squat
  • 30 double unders OR 90 singles (jump rope)

One thing my bootcamp never did was to turn the kettlebell snatch into a overhead squat. I am just going to express its difficulty with an “OW!!!!!”. Keeping your arm raised as you squat is effing painful!! It got to the point where I had to lower the kettlebell to my shoulder to squat.

I used the 26 pound kettlebell for this, and near the end had to move to the 18 pound, cause I was having trouble at number 3. I also did singles cause I haven’t figured out the whole double under thing. I still struggle with the jump rope not smacking my leg during regular ones!!

I feel good about my performance–I was able to do 1 round + 56 the first go around and the 2 rounds + 6 the second time.

Now…the aftermath…I was feeling during the day yesterday, then 4pm hit and my triceps started to get a little vocal about the workout. I went to bootcamp and didn’t really think about it, because working out again usually warms up those muscles and I can stretch them. Well that only went so far. When I got home the pain really started to sink in. It got to the point that my husband had to put me in the pj’s because I couldn’t lift my arms over my head!! I was a sight. So I sit on the couch and promptly fall asleep. I think I got about 10 hours of sleep that night, I was so tired and needing to heal.

But overall, I enjoyed the class and am now seriously considering joining it. The only issue is that it starts at 6:15pm and I work until 6pm most days, and it’s a 20 minute drive away. And if you don’t know the perils of working retail, there is always something that pops up that attempts to keep you longer.