Weekend of Workouts!!!

I have had a heck of a weekend for working out–I went to the 8-9:15am boot camp yesterday morning and the 1-2pm boot camp today. Both classes were led by the ever inspiring Jana. This woman has literally been where I am–she was once 200 pounds and out of shape. Now she is a killer trainer who competes in body building competitions. She is also a killer when it comes to her workouts because she has been in our place. Yesterday she did some killer sets with jumping lunges (which I am getting better at, considering my knee) and a cry-out inducing bicep workout. I always feel accomplished and disgusting at the end of her workouts. Today she introduced me (and the other women in the class) to doing drop sets–which is to do the same weight repetition with three different weights, doing them one after the other. So I started out at 10 pound weights doing squats for a minute, then dropped to 8 pounds for a minutes then 5 pounds for a minute. In between we did cardio. We did this for lunges, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and overhead presses. Let’s just say there was a lot of crying out in pain from me. At the same time I like that it was something I have never done before, it pushed my limits and I know tomorrow I am going to be sooooooo sore!

I have also been hungry as anything this weekend, and finding it hard to control. I was craving ice cream yesterday and today I woke up hungry. It’s been like torture. I confess I went to Basin Robbins and had some sugar-free Thin Mint ice cream. Other confession? A rather large snack today of hummus and water crackers, more than normal. But beyond that, I have suffered and prevailed. And it has not been easy. Thankfully we have had a gorgeous weekend and I have been able to distract myself with swimming and sun tanning. I hope tomorrow is easier food-wise.