Year in Review

2014 was an interesting year for me, it taught me about my limits, tested my resolve, I learned a bunch of new recipes and I tried to transform my eating. I have to say I wasn’t prepared for the push-back I got from my body with all its injuries and that was tough for me. … Continue reading


Nothing tests conditioning like taking time off from working out, even if it’s against our will {and it was}. I can’t believe how much I have gotten sick in the past 6 weeks. But I did, it’s happened and there is nothing I can do about it. The thing that was eating at me during … Continue reading

Back At It

One thing I didn’t mention in my blogs posts this week is the fact that I have been sick. Again, you ask? Yeah and worse than the first one a month ago. On Thanksgiving Robert’s dad came over with a doozy of a cold and infect myself, Robert and my parents! The cold was really irritating … Continue reading

Time Out

Wanted to check in. Went to New York City the weekend of December 7-10th, mostly for a wedding and to see some great friends. The irritating thing was that I woke up the day of travel with a bad sore throat. I knew what this meant–I was in for a good cold. Well, I was … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 14

Today was a fail in the workout department–I have a cold, I am stuffed up and breathing constricted. I knew it was coming on yesterday but I was hoping that with having the day off I would be able to kick the cold faster. Sadly, no. So I didn’t workout today. By no means does … Continue reading

And then I Got Sick…

As if moving and and starting a new job position wasn’t hard enough, I got sick this week. Ugh!!!!! Seriously! And just the day before I had done this amazing workout at my new TranforME location, with one of my favourite trainers, Jana. I did 600 resistant squats! I ran several times outside the building! I felt so … Continue reading