Fitness Challenge: Day 14

Today was a fail in the workout department–I have a cold, I am stuffed up and breathing constricted. I knew it was coming on yesterday but I was hoping that with having the day off I would be able to kick the cold faster. Sadly, no. So I didn’t workout today. By no means does this mean I am stopping the challenge, it just means I am listening to my body and taking a day off. To make up for the lack of exercise, I focused hard on my food intake. Glad to say I ate fruits, lots of veggies and drank my continual large amounts of water.


Scrambled eggs and toast. 2 cups of water. Skinny peppermint mocha (sugar free baby!).


Chicken, green beans and roasted potato. 4 cups of water.


Corn pops and hummus. 2 cups of water. Diet hot chocolate.


Chicken, broccoli, pasta in an olive oil and garlic sauce. 2 cups of water.


Ice cream, yeah I had a little bit of ice cream.

I am in general pleased with my eating for the past 2 days. Hoping I can kick this cold so I can get back to my cardio tomorrow.