ex CFNBNothing tests conditioning like taking time off from working out, even if it’s against our will {and it was}. I can’t believe how much I have gotten sick in the past 6 weeks. But I did, it’s happened and there is nothing I can do about it. The thing that was eating at me during this time was how little I was getting to the box to get my workout on. I was genuinely worried all my muscle was going away and that my conditioning was gone.

So the first workout in over a week {15 days to be exact} happened on the 28th of December at a box in Canada {CrossFit North Burlington}. I went in and let the trainer know I was still having a lingering cough and that I hadn’t worked out in a while. He was awesome. He told me exactly how to scale my workout and the modifications were perfect. The workout was “Kelly”–150 double unders {or 450 singles}, 30 box jumps and 30 wall balls for 3 rounds. I modified my workout to 150 singles, 30 box steps & 15 wall balls. On top of that, this was a partner workout, so one partner did the work, the other had a front rack position {barbell with weight on your collarbone}. I eventually had to move to a back rack position and then holding kettlebells, but I did it. Considering this workout was mostly conditioning, it was a great test of the waters. I was really proud of myself, I got it done, I was out of breath, but I got through it and had the ability to continue pressing on, even when I was wheezing a little.

ex WOD CFNBThen on Monday I went back for more. This time I got to work on some strength {thrusters!} and the workout was a deck of cards, which meant the workout was different for each group. My workout wound up being sit-ups, ring rows, kettlebell swings, wall balls, burpees, pull-ups, burpee box jumps, wall walks, knees to bar {or waist} and thrusters. It was another awesome workout and I barely scaled anything and that made me feel like Wonder Woman! Add to that, that the people at this box were super impressed with my squat depth and strength, and I was leaving my workout on cloud 9.

Overall, this experience taught me that I have worked hard enough that my conditioning is in a great place and that my muscles won’t disappear overnight. I wasn’t sitting at home wringing my hands over it, but I was definitely freaking out going into the first workout in 15 days. Would it be like my first workout at CrossFit? Would I be sore for days and days? The answer was no. And so I need to have faith in myself a bit more. I have put in the work, I am more consistent than I give myself credit for, and this was a great time to allow the parts of me that were hurting to heal {my Achilles, my hip} and I am feeling much better. And in these two workouts I did activate the Achilles a little but I stretched it out and it’s probably just something I am going to be living with.

So 2013 taught me one last lesson and as 2014 creeps in, I look forward to the lessons of this year! I am quite optimistic and excited to see where I go from here!