Time Out

Young woman in bed with coldWanted to check in. Went to New York City the weekend of December 7-10th, mostly for a wedding and to see some great friends. The irritating thing was that I woke up the day of travel with a bad sore throat. I knew what this meant–I was in for a good cold. Well, I was dumb. I decided to see all of New York City that I could, push myself, pump myself full of DayQuill and ignore my symptoms. Bad, bad idea!!! By day two I had lost my voice. By day three I was extremely feverish and made it to part of the wedding and then had to go back to the hotel and just lay in bed. I was so sick.

Well, lesson learned–I have been sick since I got back, I kid you not! I am just getting my voice back, just getting rid of the phlegm in my throat. It was a cold that hung on for dear life. I sleep for ten hours a night and still feel tired when I wake up. Needless to say I have not seen the inside of a gym since I left for NYC. I am going back tomorrow, but if I start to feel woosy I am going to leave. I refuse to have my health be compromised because of the burning desire in my body to workout. I have pushed myself through illness all this year, but I think I finally learned my lesson–the gym will always be there, I will get right back at it when I feel better, but I need to give myself the time to heal. So one lesson going into 2013 is to not be so obsessed with fitness that I hurt myself. And maybe that means working harder on my diet and not letting myself eat the sweets it likes. A great life lesson for me.