And then I Got Sick…

As if moving and and starting a new job position wasn’t hard enough, I got sick this week. Ugh!!!!! Seriously! And just the day before I had done this amazing workout at my new TranforME location, with one of my favourite trainers, Jana. I did 600 resistant squats! I ran several times outside the building! I felt so good after the workout and couldn’t wait to go back for more! And then BAM!!! I got sick the very next day. So I have had to take another week off from the gym. It was tough, I really had to watch my food in-take.

Today I went to Academy Sports and purchased a step and 10 pound weights so I could workout at home when I don’t have the schedule to go boot camp. I needed an option for that considering the state my store is in and the amount of time I am going to be there. So I am going to collect some workouts I can do at home so I still get a good, dirty workout. I know it might not be as strenuous as one at boot camp but it will work me out and that will be good. Just one other way of removing the excuses.

My next post will be about a new dietary change that I am taking on–I plan on doing a cleanse with the help of Jana, to try and bust through my plateau. I will keep you in the loop!!