Whole30 Reintroduction: Non-Gluten Grains

ex whole 30 reintroThis post is a little behind, as I reintroduced these earlier in the week. I have had a very busy week at work, so this fell on the back burner a bit. Anyways! Here is what was introduced…it was a bit of a struggle, as I didn’t want to buy a ton of stuff and have it around the house in case I continued to have poor reactions to things. I bought a bag of tortilla chips and worked them into meal 1 and 2. They were baked and not fried and had good ingredients in them. Meal 3 though, that was the eye-opener. I went to a Mexican restaurant with my husband and had fajita’s with corn tortillas. And they we delicious!

BUT I felt so gross after eating them. And heavy. And bloated. I hated it. The next few days nothing else happened, no other symptoms occurred. But I didn’t need them to. That gross feeling was enough. I haven’t touched any since.

So let’s re-cap all my reintroductions, as I am done them:

  1. Dairy. I had an extreme reaction to cheese. My bowls talked a lot more to me. No other major reactions. Verdict: seems ok in small doses.
  2. Legumes: Felt ok eating them but the next few days I broke out on my face, my knee felt worse and I was inflammed. Verdict: completely off limits!! I don’t want to have skin issues and I want me knee to feel better! I might have peanut butter every once in a while but I am not reintroducing these into my diet on a consistent basis.
  3. Non-Gluten Grains: They were tasty!! But I felt disgusting after eating them. I might try rice or quinoa in the future and see if that overly-full, gross feeling returns. Verdict: no thanks! I didn’t a ton before and I am going to avoid them for the future. I will experiment with taco salad or something when I eat out with my husband.
  4. Gluten Grains: Didn’t reintroduce. Have no plans to. I don’t like wheat and I have no cravings for bread or pasta. The most I will have is cake for my birthday.

I also have to confess that sugar has been creeping into my diet, especially with Valentine’s Day and stuff. This is a major case of food without brakes. I cannot have it around me at all. I am not proud about what happened these last two days, but I have had a lot of practice saying no to myself and this will continue. All of the sugar is out of my house at this point. Ugh. I hate feeling disappointed in myself.

Going forward: I am going to implement this week me plan while I was on the Whole30–one week strict, one week less so. This week {Sunday to Saturday} I will be 100% Whole30 compliant. Following week not entirely {it’s my birthday week!}. And I will just rotate. Hayley and I have already committed to doing this again in April.