Day Two

Day two started out pretty much like day one–enjoying my two morning drinks, having fruit for breakfast and drinking lots of water. Then I noticed a few differences from day one:

  • I have to pee more, and it might be because I drink 3 drinks in the morning, but it lasts all day long.
  • I am seeing a “cleaning out” in other ways, and it’s been pretty interesting in that sense
  • I get “the yawns” at about 3pm
  • I started to get a slight headache at about 3pm as well, I still have it. I am assuming my body is adjusting to the lack of sugar and coffee.

Jana, my trainer, told me I just need to make it to day 4 and I will feel like a new person. I will keep you in the loop on that. Right now, I am doing ok food-wise. I am not craving any of my missing foods and except for some slight physical discomfort, I am handling this just fine. Tomorrow is a new day, hope it’s good!