Day 7 Check-In

Sorry check in yesterday, I closed and came home and basically went straight to bed. The last two days I have been struggling a little bit in the sense that I am wanting different food. So I probably should have started to diversify my meals at this point, but I got through! Today thought I went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and kept it all within the rules. I had fajita’s, with corn tortilla’s so I didn’t have the white flour. I made them with onions, chicken and pico de gillo. I found I got full really fast and did not eat as much as I normally do, which is good because I bet I normally over-eat there!

I also brought my husband to boot camp again this morning!! He did great, although he said he felt like he was going to vomit 2-3 times. But he did things like burpees, tricep dips, leg extensions, laps around the parking lot, jump squats and the like. He struggled but made it out alive. After the workout we would have normally gone to Starbucks, and of course we didn’t this time. I can’t say that I miss the coffee itself, but I miss the ritual. I love holding that warm cup of coffee, smelling it before taking a sip. Oh yes, I miss that. But the Spark drink energizes me and does what the coffee does, only without the ritual. I am thinking for the future, I might get a soy latte as opposed to one with milk, since dairy seems to impede my ability to lose weight, from what I have learned this week during my cleanse.

Looking forward to day eleven, when I can incorporate regular food into my diet, I don’t think it’s smart to go crazy and eat all the food I was before. Not only with that undo all the hard work I have done, but I know my body will have a pretty strong reaction to the rich food. I think it’s best to slowly incorporate foods back in, like a mild cheese and skim milk. I do like white rice, but I do see the benefit of eating brown. I guess it’s more about eating for health than for pure unadulterated pleasure. Of course there should always be pleasure, but I think I can take it too far. I think I need to spend some more time look through recipes and expanding my cooking skills too!

Tomorrow–day 8, day off and I plan to sleep-in, get a manicure and clean the house. Good times!