Sorry about the hiatus, I have been going through a lot internally as of late. After the ten days of cleanse I went to Dallas on a training trip with work, which was nice and fun but they fed me the entire time. Again, I express that the them putting me up in a hotel and paying for my food was incredibly nice. What they fed me was pizza, sloppy joe’s, lots of cookies, Mexican and steak. My schedule was so packed that I didn’t have the time to workout for the entire time. So I gained a good chunk of the cleanse weight back.

This unintentionally sent me into a mental spiral that I am just getting out of. I was upset that I was unable to have lasting results from the challenge, so although I have been working out consistently, my diet hasn’t been wonderful. It’s taken me some time to get back here, but I am back. I just have to keep reminding myself why I am doing this and that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I am going to do the challenge again in January, once I am through the busy time in retail and can focus more on myself. I am also meeting next week with my trainer as I am planning to start training for Tough Mudder. I think if I stop focusing on my weight entirely and set different, performance related goals for myself, the weight will take care of itself. I look forward to reporting on what the training plan might look like.