Advocare 24 Day Challenge: The Sequel

ex advo 24 dayI decided back in November that right after Christmas I would do the 24 day challenge again, to reset my taste buds and get my cravings for sugar nipped in the bud right away. I am entering day 3 right now, and I think this time around the challenge is more difficult when it comes to the cravings.

Let’s re-cap what is highly suggested not to eat during the first ten days: coffee, sugar, dairy, white flour, alcohol, fried foods, soda. I am doing surprisingly well without the coffee. And let’s just say that my visits to Starbucks over the past 4 weeks have been exceptionally frequent. So to be not affected by this is something I was unprepared for. As you know I don’t eat fried foods, I barely drink and I hardly drink soda, so nothing hard there. What has been  more difficult has been the sugar and white flour. Sugar has been the worst. At about 2pm I start getting cravings for things like chocolate, or hot chocolate. To get through this I am using a mental technique my trainer gave me–I accept that I want these things, I tell myself no, and I experience the disappointment and then I move on. Now that doesn’t stop my brain from trying again in half an hour. My brain is a crafty little thing. But I just say no again. I am not caving and I will wean myself off sugar. So after 2pm, I don’t really notice any cravings until after dinner and I am winding down for the day, watching tv. Last night I started to get a headache because I was craving sugar so badly. I had strawberries, which I will confirm is not the same as cookies.

ex hot chocolateRevelations: I eat sugary things in the afternoon and after dinner. This is where I need to change my patterns permanently. I will no longer allow myself to indulge at these times. In the afternoon it will be easier–I can have veggies and hummus. The night, which is the most important, will be harder. I haven’t decided if I am going to substitute something or if I am going to not have anything at all. I feel, from past experience, that substituting it will only lead me back to wanting the hot chocolates and cookies, so I think not having anything at all, and breaking the pattern is what is needed here.

In other news: I am trying my first Crossfit class tonight!! I am excited (yay new experience!) and scared as hell (I haven’t worked in ten days and then amping it up?? Ha ha ha ha ha!). I will definitely be writing about this experience. Tomorrow, I also try out 24 Hour Fitness and compare the two. I want to make a decision by the weekend and be up and going by Monday. I need to get back on the working out wagon ASAP.