Fitness Challenge: Day 3

Today started off pretty great! I got to sleep in a little (hello day off!), did some work around the house and then went to my boot camp at 11:30am for something outside my box: Latin Spice dancing. Let me tell you how I am not the dancing type. I don’t have rhythm. I don’t know what muscle memory is and I just look plain awkward when I try to dance. I think I might be a guy!! (Wait, nope, boobs, we are safe!) So today was all of that with a patient instructor. I did things with my hips that surprisingly worked out my thigh muscles and made me whimper! It was a great cardio workout and a great muscular workout. I will probably even go back again, if you can believe it!

My food today? Hmmmm how do I tell you it was going so well and then disintegrated? I have no recourse. It is what it is. At least it was at the tail end of the day…


Scrambled eggs with red pepper, green pepper, onion and celery. With a piece of whole wheat toast. 2 cups of water.


Turkey spaghetti with whole grain noodles. Pretty darn tasty, I tell ya! 6 cups of water.


7 water crackers and 2 tablespoons of hummus. 2 cups of water.


Ummmm….shhhhhh (Halloween candy). 4 cups of water.

Again, no fruit. And let’s just say dinner was terrible. I have no excuses. Tomorrow will be better!