Fitness Challenge: Day 32 – 35

I am still here! I am still working out everyday!! Work has been crazy, I have been working so hard, putting in so many hours, that I have been coming home exhausted and honestly not in the mood to write about anything. Last night I cuddle with my pillows and watched Castle and Bones. And I didn’t touch my computer–which is insane, considering how obsessed I am with all things internet and computers!

I walked on Sunday after work with my husband. I brought by camera and took pictures of the crazy houses in my area. I don’t think my neighbors know how to be minimalist for Christmas, there have been more blow up characters on people’s lawns here than anywhere I have ever lived. Ever. There are blow up Santa’s (3 in one yard no less), a blow up Rudolph, a blow up monkey (????) and a blow up crocodile wearing a santa hat (????????)! Not to mention the yards with the sparkle reindeer that cover their lawns. It’s intense here in Texas, I tell ya.

Yesterday I went to boot camp after work–did a great workout lead by Jana. Lots of legs. Walking lunges, running across the gym with high knees, side lunges, leg curls, bench squats and side jumps. It was exhausting. I was extremely sweaty afterwards, but I felt accomplished!

Today I went to boot camp before (thank goodness!!) and Monica had this awesome workout planned for us–doing exercises in reps of 30 and then 4 cardio exercises afterwards. Then we did the same weight/strength exercises but in reps of 25. I was able to do reps of 30, 25 and 20 by the time the class ended. Another accomplished workout day.

Diet-wise I have been doing better with the sugar temptation, eating more fruit, but today I didn’t eat lunch because work was such a mess. Thankfully my husband is awesome and had dinner ready for me when I got home. So great! Only four days to go?? It will be interesting in the home stretch–I fly to New York City on Thursday night!!