Fitness Challenge: Day 18 & 19

Before getting into what has happened in the last two days, I want to share the following picture my husband took of my a few days ago. I was trying on hats for fun and in this picture you can really tell the difference in my face that I am getting smaller. My friend Hollie wrote on Facebook that she didn’t recognize me in the picture right away and wondered who the random person on her timeline was. I had to laugh! It’s great getting feedback like that, especially when I am so close to the situation, I honestly don’t see the changes anymore.

Yesterday was a great day–I started off early by going to kickboxing with my sister. It was an hour long of sweaty fun–Frances lead the class as Monica called out sick. My sister was surprised at how much she liked the class, she was exceptionally nervous before it. After, she was all “when are we going again??”.

Food-wise yesterday was mostly good–I put all the food I ate and drank, and came out even. That included having a strawberry daquari when I went out for dinner and a glass of wine…and a few mouthfuls of chocolate cake. Dinner was a little off-course, but I still ordered a healthy chicken dinner, but I did drink and have a bit of dessert. C’est la vie!

Today I wanted to go to 8am boot camp but I slept through my alarm, which sucks! So instead I went for an hour walk with my husband, sister, her husband and 2 kids. We brought a football with us and tossed it around as we walked. It was good. Then later today we went to Moody Gardens in Galveston and walked for three hours. Today was a day of constant movement. It might not have been the overtly sweaty kind, but I was active!


Scrambled eggs with a piece of light toast. Pumpkin spice latte with sugar-free pumpkin spice creamer. 2 cups of water.


Turkey sandwich on light bread. Carrots with hummus. 2 cups of water.


Weight Watcher’s mini cinnamon snack bar.


Hamburger with lettuce and onion. Salad w vinaigrette dressing on the side. French fries. Sprite and water.

So dinner wasn’t the best, but we were in Galveston and the other items on the menu were either too expensive or less healthy. Tomorrow–I go back to work. Le sigh! I already have a plan in place for the week though!

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