First Day of Preparation

This morning I got up and knew as part of my workout I was going to get there mentally before I left. I knew that today’s workout was going to be a doozy because Frances likes to really work the crap out of us after a weekend. To get prepared I thought about all the things she was going to make us do (2 jogging laps of the parking lot as a warm up, loads more laps during the class plus possibly stepping up on the curb fast 100 times). Further, since Monday is weights day, so I thought about what things she might make us do, what she had us doing in recent weeks.

Thinking about this made me feel kind of silly at first, especially since I was just waking up and tired. But as I ate my oatmeal and read posts on Facebook, I started to think more about why I was up and it stopped feeling silly, the more awake I felt.

When I arrived at the gym, I was ready. I knew (or thought I did) what was coming and I had made a pact with myself that I wasn’t going to give up, I was going to try to work harder and not give up during the workout. I am glad I did this because Frances announced at the beginning of class that she had planned a workout to get rid of all the food we had eaten over the weekend due to Thanksgiving and for us to be “mentally prepared”. Well we did hardkore cardio for over half the class. I was a bloody pool of sweat but I only paused twice. And each time I even considered it I said to myself “think about how your body will look if you don’t give up”, and that kept me going.

Yes there were two moments where I paused for a few seconds, but I consider today a win but I will do this again tomorrow morning and see if it was a fluke or if mental preparation continues to work.

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