Bad Idea

I had an amazing week last week–I worked out everyday and was really kicking it hard at my boot camp. Then the weekend hit and it pressed the pause button. Well it really felt like I pressed the STOP button if you want the truth. Friday night I had my friend Tillie over and I made this fatty yet delicious baked rigatoni. It wasn’t the entire dinner, but I ate quite a bit. On Saturday I was tired from being up late and Robert and I spent the entire day on the couch watching tv. We didn’t go out. I wasn’t overly hungry, so we ate light all day. And Sunday we did go out but it wasn’t anything strenuous. I also made a nice chicken dinner for thanksgiving.

Due to the weekend of lethargy today’s boot camp was difficult. And I kind of sucked. Ugh I felt like I took two steps backwards. I hate that I didn’t sweat as much as I could have today. And I also hate that I let myself give up. I am probably being too hard on myself, but I have also learned a lesson to not be as lethargic during my off days.