I lost another 2.4 pounds this week, coming to a grand total of 8.4 pounds in two weeks. Holy poop!! That’s pretty frakin amazing, right??

And it isn’t a walk in the park. NOPE. I had a friend this week try to sabotage me. Our friendship center’s around food, something I didn’t realize. So when we hung out they got all petulant with me. “Why aren’t you eating this with me?” and “Why do you want something healthy? Let’s have this!”. I survived with suggesting shrimp, along with what they wanted, which was mozzarella sticks. I ate like one of the sticks and the majority of the shrimp. The thing about this is that I was caught totally off-guard. ONE–I hadn’t realized that my friendship with this person had become so based around food. I mean we do other things, but food is part of it all. I just hadn’t made the connection. TWO–I hadn’t thought about this being a scenario in my life, so I didn’t have a “plan”. (I have created plans in my head for certain road-blocks on my path to weight-loss success) I feel like I ate kind of poorly because I hadn’t thought of a response to the guilt that was poured onto me. For the future I will be able to handle this better. I know I will still fell guilty but I need to put MYSELF first and not buy into the guilt. And that will keep me strong.

I am now off to bed. I needs mah sleeps!

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