Whole30 {60}: Halfway Results

The results are in!! I have to say I was skeptical on whether I would see the same results from this as I did the first time, and although they are slightly lower, it’s splitting hairs, and the good news is that I am losing inches in areas that are a health concern for me, so this is simply #winning. ALL AROUND.


I lost a total of 8.5 inches! The majority in my waist and hips. Sadly my boobs went down but my arms decided they like the way they look and stayed the same. This is great stuff here people! And now to get super technical, my first Whole30 I went down 10 inches. In between February 1st and April 1st, I went up 2.5 inches. Now I am down another 8.5 inches. In total, since January 1st 2014, I have lost a total of 16 inches off my body! Hot diggity! Oh look, I made another chart to illustrate where the changes have happened {I might love charts}.

results over time

results total

I love that this chart gives me percentages of where I lost the most inches–26% of the changes came from my hips. I am not surprised, my butt apparently grows with my sugar intake. Right behind {ha ha, pun intended?} that is my lower abdomen and then my waist. If you look at this from a health perspective, this means I am lowering my diabetes risk and cancer risk by getting my midsection to go down. This was the entire point as to why I started this.

Tonight: pictures will be taken! Looking forward to posting those, as I am sure there will be a difference!