Fitness Challenge: Day 8

Today was an all-around active day! Work was demanding–I moved heavy freight for a few hours, I got sweaty and gross. I moved heavy objects all around the store and walked to and fro. This is my day at work more often than not. Then when I got home, I had some dinner and then went for a nice long walk with Robert. When I got back I did some bicep curls and push ups, just to get some arm action in–I do a lot of legs.

My food was spotty–today was a lot of go-go-go, so lunch wasn’t great.


Egg whites with cheese on whole wheat toast. Strawberries. Skinny vanilla latte. 2 cups of water.


A few bites of chicken and broccoli. Some Bugels. 2 cups of water.


Shrimp pesto pasta. Piece of bread. Green beans. Cannolli. 4 cups of water.

Tomorrow I plan get to boot camp early as I have a ton of things to get done at work. And I plan to change my lunches up a bit to incorporate fruit into it starting tomorrow. I am thinking salads with pieces of apple and strawberries. It’s easy, I don’t have to warm it up and it’s yummy. I hate to say it, but the microwave is across the store and frankly I am lazy. I could probably pick up an inexpensive microwave but at this point I will just mix it up and try some new food.