5 Miles in

ex 90miles day 1On January 1st it started–90 miles run or walked, in 90 days. On the first day I slept in and honestly avoided it for as long as I could. Then my husband and I went to Body Evolution and knocked it out. Then I finished it off with a 1,000m row. I felt good but sore. Friday I felt nauseated so I took the day off but the weekend I went both days and did over 2 miles each day! By the Sunday my left ass cheek was feeling sore {why only that cheek? what up cheek??}. But I got out my foam roller and rolled it out. I have an awesome support group in my friends, we have started a Facebook page and post things to support each other. It’s great!!

ex 90miles day 4Today has been more a of challenge. Back at work and then I went to my Crossfit box and did a WOD that was terrible. I wish I could be nice about it, but 7 rounds of 7 movements done 7 times each was painful and I felt like quitting halfway through. But I didn’t. I was scaled back to 5 rounds and it still took me 24:45. And I still need to do my mile today. So I am eating dinner and planning to go for a walk with my husband after. You know in temperatures close to freezing. I am a glutton for punishment!

Of course I anticipate being a ball of pain this week, but I will take a lot of Advil and Nighttime Recovery and roll the crap out of my body.