Fitness Challenge: Day 5 & 6

Yesterday was an interesting and ultimately exhausting day, hence to no blog entry. I was in my second day of GM meetings for work and at 11am we went to a golf range. Let’s be absolutely clear about this–I am not a golfer. I am a mini-putter at best. I was clear with the guys what my level of expertise was and we loaded into our golf carts and played 18 holes for 4.5 hours. I got a lot of sun, I might have had a bit of wine and when we were done I was very, very tired. I got home at 7pm and was almost in bed asleep an hour later. Lesson learned: wine, sun and swinging a golf club are quite tiring. I also learned that you use your arms and shoulders a lot for golf. Lastly, golf is so much harder than it looks–my shoulder was getting sore by the 14th hole and today my arm has been quite sore. I am kind of amazed!!

That being said, I am going to say 4.5 hours of golf was my exercise for yesterday. I used new muscles and I felt sore the next day. It might not have been a cardio workout, but I feel it falls within the guidelines.

Food-wise, I was much better with the sugar in-take from the day before but because I passed out when I got home, I didn’t eat enough.

Today I worked and thus couldn’t do any workout until I got home. My husband was excited because we had that good walk the other night, so we went for a walk again tonight. We mixed it up and went for a walk in the Pearland Town Center area, looking in shops. We walked for an hour and a bit, sometimes at a good clip. I also might have bought a nice, sparkly new top and jacket. And a candle holder. After the walk, we went to dinner at a French bistro called Mimi’s. It was amazingly delicious and the service was great.


Scrambled eggs with red pepper, green pepper, onion and celery with 1 piece of whole wheat toast. 2 cups of water. Skinny vanilla latte.


Chicken, broccoli and potato. 2 cups of water.


Roasted tomato and basil soup. Sweet and sour chicken with red pepper, mushrooms, water chestnuts on brown rice. 6 cups of water.


3  mouthfuls of brownie and vanilla ice cream (shared with Robert) and a cappuccino sweetened with Splenda.

Tomorrow I am going to get up early and get a good cardio/sweaty workout with my stepper and my music. I have a few workout ideas from my trainers and I plan to make myself gross. I am excited for it!!