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ex step challengeOne of the things I like about the job that I have, is that I can organize healthy events for my company. For 2014 my boss and I have decided to have a health challenge every quarter of the year for our company, which will be completely voluntarily. Starting in January, and running for 10 weeks, we will be having a 10,000 step challenge at work. All employees who volunteer, will be divided into teams and will strive to hit 10,000 steps a day. {I am obviously going to make my team wear tutu’s!!}

The fun thing is that we get to have a kick off meeting and every team can dress up. Further, I am getting No Rep Meal Prep to attend to show that eating healthy can be delicious AND healthy! I love that I have connections to people who make a difference in my life and that I can spread that onto the people I work with.

I look forward to reporting how myself and my team does in the new year! I have been told by two coworkers that I will not out-walk them and I plan on making them eat their words. Nothing like a little competition to make you walk, am I right?

All this being said, I am looking at the next challenge after this. It will be harder to track than having a pedometer strapped to your body. I am thinking of a water drinking contest and then later on in the year doing a healthy eating contest. It will be tricky, so if anyone has some good ideas, I would love to hear them!

4 thoughts on “Step Challenge

  1. I really like this! This is inspiring and I’d like to start this at my work too… hmmm… keep it coming with the ideas!

  2. I don’t know what your workplace looks like, but how about 300 steps (as in stairs)/day? People could do a few flights of stairs throughout their workday… It could be more or less too, depending on your demography and the health-level they have

  3. Someone from work had a good idea for activity–have people take a fit test at the beginning of a challenge and do one at the end. Who ever shows the most improvement wins. My only concern is if the people in my work place who don’t exercise at all would feel scared by such a challenge and then not sign up.

  4. We did this over the summer at my job. I cheated: I went hiking a lot. One day on a hike across North Cascades National Park I wound up with 30,000+ steps. They were difficult (up hill with a heavy pack) but the surroundings were gorgeous and my motivation was getting back to the road and ultimately home. Much easier than motivating for a walk around the neighborhood.

    People got competitive, in a friendly way, and that helped a great deal with the motivation, too.

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