6 Weeks Later (RESULTS!)

Hello avid readers! Today, a day early, I got weighed and measured. I didn’t want to come back after a weekend in Austin, after eating a steak dinner tonight and eating out tomorrow. With not being able to control how things are made, I know I will consume more calories, fat and sugar than I normally do and I did not want to have that effect my results.

Last time I got measured and weighed I only lost 1.4 pounds but lost a whopping 12 inches! This time I had a personal goal of losing 1 pound a week, equally to a 6 pound loss. As for inches, my goal was 8 inches lost–I knew the large loss of last time wasn’t as likely to happen because my body is more used to boot camp.

Here are my results:

WEIGHT: – 5.6 pounds!! Almost at my goal! Wooooo hooooo!!!!

INCHES: -7 inches! Again, almost at my goal!!!

Right Arm -.75

Left Arm -.5

Chest -1.25

Waist +.25

Low Abdomen -.5

Hips -3.25

Right Thigh -.5

Left Thigh -.5

Highs–my hips! Since I started 12 weeks ago I have lost a total of 4.5 inches there! I should note that I got measured after my kickboxing class today and this means my muscles were expanded from the workout. I feel like I probably lost closer to 9-10 inches but I will just hold onto that and have my next measurement in 6 weeks be even better!!

I am feeling really good and know that I can continue this momentum 😀 I really want to hit my long term goal of being a size 16 by my birthday, so I will be driving hard towards that.

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