me n kbsI know I am not a mom or taking care of a huge family, but still, my life has gotten pretty hectic as of late and basically all of February was me instantly reacting to what was happening. And it’s been a month, so if I repeat things from a previous post, I apologize.

1. I got a new job. And this job is different from any other job I have done. I am the pulse of the office I work at, wearing many hats, preparing numerous documents, renewing software, ordering supplies, and more. It was a larger than anticipated adjustment than I was prepared for and the person who was doing my job had already left, so a lot of what I am doing is self-taught. Luckily, the person who did my role previously has been on hand to help answer questions, make sure I do certain things correctly, which has been a godsend. I come hoe exhausted every night because this job is more work than my previous one {where I read Buzzfeed articles for half the day and still managed to look amazingly productive}. I like the stimulation, the learning, etc. I feel challenged. It’s great! It has also meant longer hours, working some weekends to ensure I know what I need to know and that the office didn’t miss a beat.

me n steve2. I had a lot of photography projects in February. I photographed a 2-day crossfit competition that was exhausting but also rewarding as it was a lot of fun to photograph and yielded some wonderful images. I also shot 2 weddings–my first ever! A wedding is like shooting a competition–lots of standing, walking, squatting, only you get fed way better and instead of people making “I pooped my pants!” faces, they are either smiling or making out. That was plenty of pictures to get through. I also did a personal project of photographing a 5 week old baby and his parents. All while meeting with new clients for future projects. I was also participating in a mentorship photography program where I met this amazing photographer named Megan and we critiqued each other’s pictures and inspired each other to do new, fresh things. It was a wonderful experience.

Between these two things I have been sleeping really well every night but I am also finding it hard to plan/prep food and workout. I have 2 jobs. I am busy. Exhausted. Happy!

me n alli3. I went to Canada for the first time in over a year at the end of February. It was so so so so so good to see my family and friends!!! We celebrated my birthday {and my mom’s}. I lived at Kelly’s Bake Shop {legiterally}. I ate off off Whole 30. But is was so great to be able to go back to my home town {I still think of it as home, but I also think of Houston as home}, and be able to step in and see people and not miss a beat. That’s genuine, real friendships right there. It also makes me miss being there so much it hurts if I think about it too much.

So what now? Well! I booked a wedding in February and we just finished doing engagement pictures over the weekend!! And I have a senior shoot this weekend! Plus, I am going to Atomic Crossfit three times a week and trying like hell to get my miles in to finish my challenge (I am 3 behind). I have been getting Robert to help me with grocery shopping, so I am not balls to the wall busy every weekend. I also approached the owner of Atomic about goals and I now have homework! I am to religiously write a food journal {I am sketchy at that, at best} and to start recording my benchmarks on movements and things like running or rowing for specific distances. Oh and I have to measure my belly once a month.

I know I have struggled to write here, but I promise that I am still working hard. I am now at the point where I can start working on fitness goals and being consistent in my food so I can perform well. It feels fucking amazing to be able to say this after all of those injuries last year.

If all my talk about my photography has made you say to yourself “I wonder what that shoot looked like”, my Facebook page is where I post everything. Oh look! I just linked to the page there! Ha ha!

Next: making coconut milk for the first time with Hayley! Writing about what my benchmarks are! Maybe incorporating my photography with this. Could be fun and creative…..