Disappearing Act

ABM_1400372801Hey everyone, long time no post. My life has blown up a bit–I have been taking pictures {on the path to doing my own photography business, wut!} every weekend, learning how to process pictures faster, oh and still trying to prep delicious foods every weekend. Add onto that a semi-promotion at work, where I am in charge of a team of 11 people, crossfit 3-4 times a week and I am pooped every night.

So what has been going on? Pseudo Whole 30 has been going alright, I have had a bit more sugar than I want, but I am already aware and reigning it back in. I am finding the second month hard. It’s hard to find balance, to get my rhythm right. I am tired a lot because I am burning the candle at both ends. When this happens, it’s easy for me not to prep food, eat out of stress and justify eating I normally wouldn’t tolerate. It’s rather amazing to see these thought patterns re-appear. So I have started living one day at a time to cope. I prep easier recipes, like the pesto chicken meatballs in marinara sauce, baked chicken and slow cooker ribs. I have also been teaching my husband how to cook more complicated recipes to help me.

ABM_1400556466My workouts have been hard, the programming has been amped up. We have been doing more metcons–which is just a fancy way of saying “we are going to make you barf”. Heavier weights, less ability to breathe during the workout and wod’s lasting for 20+ minutes. The thing is? I wanted this. I was finding my workouts to be too easy and so I was thinking of upping the weight in my wod’s to make them more challenging. These more challenging wod’s have sucked but I kind of love them. I like how they push me to continue moving when I want to die, which in turn has jacked my conditioning. It’s wonderful and painful all at the same time 🙂

So what’s next? Oh lawd, my trainer Kat has a plan for me–we were doing handstand kick-ups {or for others handstands} and she got me to kick my legs up to the wall for the first time since I first started in January 2013. And I fell, but I got back up and tried again. Kat has decided I will be able to do wall handstands by the end of the summer, so before every WOD I am to do 3 wall walks. I think it will be cool if I can conquer this fear and start doing handstand anything.

Lastly, as of today I am no longer required to go back to my chiropractor and I am cleared to run and jump!! I am nervous but I also can’t wait to practice double unders and figure out the right way to jump while doing them! I am not so excited to run, that shit can stay where it is. And man, I haven’t run in three months. This is going to be uuuugly. I fear the strides I made with my run time might be gone. I think you should all be prepared for whiny posts about running in advance.

This week I plan to workout three times and if work doesn’t gas me too much, I will do some open gym Saturday morning. Thanks for listening! And if you want to see my pet project go here or like my page on Facebook.