ex rest day2I needed it. I burnt the midnight oil on the weekend, working at the store and then coming home and spending 2-3 hours writing performance reviews (they are done, so yay!). Yesterday I was at work at 6am and didn’t get home until 6pm. I was beyond tired. I fell on the couch and said to myself “I can still go to the gym, but I won’t do my best and I might make myself sick.” So I fell asleep instead. And that nap was awesome.

I don’t know how other people approach working out, but if I am killing myself in other areas of my life, I am not going to beat myself into the ground to say I worked out! I think it is better for me to rest up and put my all into the next workout. Yes, part of me feels guilty. I haven’t worked out since Thursday. But it isn’t like I haven’t been active, my job has me on my feet, walking, going up ladders all day. I do my share. I don’t sit on my ass!

But tomorrow I am back at it–myself and two other girls from my Body Shop class are going to take a CrossFit class. John, one of the owners, convinced to do it! Hayley and I are nervous, Debbie is excited. I have to say, it’s really nice making friends with the people in my class, I think I might finally be making friends in Houston…who knew???