Busy and Tired

ex tiredThis has been a long week for me. I only went to CrossFit two times because I was either booked or exhausted. What have I been doing? I was being cross-trained at work, I had 2 chiropractic appointments and one night I came home and napped until 7pm. My brain has been busy, so my sleep hasn’t been deep and thus I have been extraordinarily tired in the mornings. You know what happens to me when I get this tired?

  • I don’t feel like making any breakfast.
  • All I want is coffee
  • I make bad decisions regarding sugar {so many bad decisions!}
  • I don’t want to workout as much

This week had all of this. I didn’t make breakfast more than twice this week. Ugh. I ate Chick-Fil-A scrambled eggs w bacon, which was fine but not homemade with my special spices. I drank a lot of coffee, less water and was more dehydrated. Not cool! I ate more sugar. The only positive thing about that, is I am not enjoying it as much and I am slowly just moving away from it. But not fast enough!! Also, my skin has broken out due to the sugar. I now know that my sensitive skin is also sensitive to sugar and that they don’t mix well. Lastly, I didn’t want to workout but I did Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I am thankful I am addicted to working out, so that isn’t a fight to go there.

To combat what happened this past week, I made it a point to make my food for the week this morning–including breakfast! Here is the menu for the week:

Breakfast–scrambled eggs with onions and mushrooms. Plus bacon.

Lunch or Dinner–bison meat seasoned with taco spices and plantain chips {plus another veggie} OR fall-of-the-bone ribs with spaghetti squash and salad.

This week I have a plan, I have delicious food and I am on the mend. I can’t do every movement at the box–like hang power cleans. Tried that this week–that hurts my heel. But I can do enough. I can do rowing, squats, push press if it’s not too heavy, kettlebell swings. This week I get back to who I really am. Boo-yeah!