Whole 30 – Third Time’s the Charm?

ex whole 30 day 5As you know I planned to do my third whole 30 starting on Monday. I did a good job in planning easy meals to prep, and got them all done on Sunday. Thanks to my husband for helping me, I could not have done it without you!

On Monday, things started out ok, I had the eggs as meal one, chicken, salsa and green beans for meal two and garbage stir fry and broccoli for meal three. Did I miss my Starbucks and my treats? Yes. Let’s not mince words, I was sad not to have it. I also got a headache in the evening and I believe it’s related to not having sugar for the first day in, oh two months!

I need to go back and see how I felt going through the second one because I am crazy hungry starting at 3pm. I swear I eat enough protein and fat in my meals–I make a point of it. It doesn’t seem to matter, at 3pm, it’s like an alarm goes off inside my body and I have EAT ALL THE THINGS. I am hoping this might calm down, cause I can’t be this hungry all the time. Oy.

Today I feel like the tired is settling in–which is day 5. But I could have slept all day. I haven’t hit the Kill All the Things stage yet, but I know it will come. It’s a stage that my husband fears and I feel almost helpless with. Anything could set me off! A random leaf blowing in the wind, a random question, someone looking at me wrong, anything.

So in conclusion–I planned well, have lots to eat, and hungry at 3pm like a starving animal and I only had a small headache so far. Doing well!