I have been struggling for the past three weeks. It’s all explainable and it’s not like I am giving up, but it has been a tough time exercise and diet-wise. The week before the big day had three major events that were poor for me diet-wise. Dinner at The Keg, me making a fattening dinner for my ladies and the big day itself. And I let myself enjoy the moments and eat the food. But what that means is that the “child” inside me has had food it loves and it makes it significantly harder for me to eat cleanly. That means that the stress of moving to Houston, being away from all my family and friends, feeling isolated in a new city all make me want to eat my feelings. I am also in a situation where the people I am around like eating out a lot. So it has been a big challenge to eat clean. I would like to say I am winning this battle, but each day is different and I fear I am hit and miss.

Then we get to working out. And again the week before the big day was filled with lots of appointments and visits with people who I hadn’t seen in a while. Which meant I wasn’t working out the way I wanted to. Then, moving to Houston, I have a gym in my building which is great–so I am getting my cardio in. BUT I am missing a big component–my weight lifting class. So I investigate. 24 Hour Fitness  has the Body Pump class, but it is only offered 4 times a week. I feel spoiled now because GoodLife had two classes a day that I could choose from, so I could easily make it work. Instead I am going to go to a bootcamp starting tomorrow with Wendy. I am excited and nervous, but I have to do something, change something. I hope this kicks my ass and revs me back into the swing of things.

Be prepared for a new blog this week where I complain about bootcamp and the pain in my muscles 😉