Fitness Challenge: Day 31

Hitting the home stretch here! I am thinking of extending my challenge by a few days because I wasn’t able to do it fully do it, thanks to my wonderful boil issue. Yesterday I got up and did my own home workout for half an hour. I decided to challenge myself and jogged around my block–which made me realize if I am going to do Tough Mudder, I need to practice this a lot more. I then did an arm workout mixed with cardio.

For food, I made an effort to eat more fruit, which I want to continue until it becomes a habit. I also tried to keep any sweet temptation away and it worked!


Scrambled eggs with red peppers, onion and celery, a granny smith apple and 2 cups of water.


Chicken, broccoli, rice and 2 cups of water.


7 water crackers and pine nut hummus. Then a bit later a skinny caramel frappuccino.


Half a steak with green beans and chicken tortilla soup. 4 cups of water.

Feeling pretty good about yesterday!!