Making a Difference

ex be the changeI starting eating well to take care of myself. When I started the Whole30 in January it was to get myself off sugar and see if there were other issues I was having with food and didn’t realize. You know, like legumes, which just happen to make me break out all over my body. Good times. What I didn’t realize is that while I was doing this, I was making an impression on the people I was working with. Heck, none of them really know about this blog!! I was simply bringing my food to work and avidly avoiding all candy moments. People who were in the lunchroom with me would ask questions and I would let them know what I was doing and why. They were supportive. And probably felt I was a little insane!

This go around, I got Linh and NaTesha to join me, as you know. In the lunchroom we would discuss what we had made for lunch, give each other tastes while others would join in the conversation {while they ate Whataburger or Taco Bell}. Slowly I started to notice that more people were bringing their own food for lunch. Abby decided to unofficially join us and she has brought her own lunch now for two weeks! She goes shopping with Linh at Whole Foods some lunches. She and Adam both have found they love plantain chips. Mike’s partner Brianna is cooking more at home and she eats much cleaner at lunch. She’s making the small changes.

ex be strongYesterday Gabbi, one of the surgical assistants, came by the office {she isn’t in the office a lot as she is operating a lot}. She and I had previously talked about the Whole30 the last time she was in the office. She complimented me and told me that everyone in the office was losing weight and that she knew I was the reason why everyone was changing. We laughed about it and she told me she should get her daughter to call me! It resonated with me, at that moment, that this was proof that one person can make a difference. How one small change, being the example, can change others around you. It was never my intention, but I am so glad and humbled to be the person in my workplace that is helping others lead healthier lives and make better choices.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”  ~Gandhi