Week 3 of 90 Miles in 90 Days

thrustersThis week was busy, so getting the miles in was tough. I might have used the grocery store for some of it, and walked around it a few times. I got to CrossFit 2 times and did fun things like  rowing, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, thrusters and burpees. I notice that my energy is coming back, I am in a better mood for longer and I am fucking sore as shit. No mincing words here people! I did 40lbs for the thruster WOD and I am still feeling it. But I am looking forward to what this week brings. Baby steps y’all. (Yup I just said ya’ll!!!)

Food has been a little more miss than hit. A bit too much mac and cheese, not enough veggies. Already rectifying this, so no worries. I got the Thug Kitchen cookbook for Christmas, so I am making one of the recipes this week. I love that the cookbook curses at me. Makes me giggle 🙂

That’s it! One day at a time, trying to be consistent!!

One thought on “Week 3 of 90 Miles in 90 Days

  1. I’ve been doing this for three weeks now as well and find it hard to get in all my exercise each day but am still plugging away at it. Keep up the good work

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