Figuring It Out

weight loss blogDoes it feel like I have been spinning in circles for a year? Because it has to me. It is the one-year anniversary of me quitting my full-time job and tackling doing photography 75% of the time {I moonlight at Starbucks for benefits}. Looking back, the past year has been rockier than anticipated, there were some dark moments and I don’t know if I handled it all correctly. I was under a lot of stress with a person living with us in a scenario where it was to help them get to a good place, but it turned into a life-suck situation.I was stressed out basically all the time and didn’t know when it was going to end.

Add to that the pressure I put on myself to do well in my photography business and still dealing with a body that has moments where it feels injured, and I was miserable. Turns out I was under so much stress that I have developed adrenal fatigue. I have written about the weight gain and the sadness about that this past year. I have been exhausted, but I wrote it off to super early mornings and trying to do too much. Well now my hormones are fucked up, but at least I know what is going on. The cure? Hard work. I basically need to eat paleo–limited carbs and sugar. And I need to be active 7 days a week in some capacity. I have to do this for three months and then I have a follow-up appointment to make sure what I am doing is working.

fitbit surgeConsidering what could have been wrong, this is something I can deal with. I have to say that since finding out I have been on point with my eating. My carbs and sugars are in-check {I am drinking black coffee at Starbucks instead of my usual skinny caramel macchiato}, I have been active everyday and I am making sure I am stopping my photography work at 5pm everyday. It is like a switch has gone off inside me. I know how to do this and all I needed was a reason to make it happen. If you want to follow my eating diary it is on My Fitness Pal. Oh and I have ordered the Fitbit Surge. I can’t wait for that sexy little thing to come. It will help keep me active when I have been editing for hours, it will know when I am doing different activities and it’s pretty!

So after a while of silence, there you have it. A lot of crap, finally sucking the poison out of my life, and finding out how to help myself feel better. I think it’s time to start posting some more crossfit posts, it’s time.