Menu Week 1 of Whole 30 {Part Three}

ex whole 30 week1It’s hard coming up with a menu when you are away all weekend and have been under the weather. When all you want to do is sleep, you have to find a way to buck up and figure out a plan. I am hoping that by eating clean tomorrow I might get better faster–dare to dream!

This week I am choosing recipes that are not too time consuming to make but are tasty and will satisfy in a pinch!

1. Eggs with peppers, onions and chorizo. This scramble will be delicious! This will mainly be my meal 1 for the day, as it will be simple to heat up after my morning WOD.

2. Garbage stir fry  with curried cabbage. Thank you Nom Nom Paleo for the recipe, I made it last Whole30 and it was delicious! I am hopeful the curry won’t aggravate my heartburn issue.

ex garbage stir fry3. Baked chicken with salsa. The chicken will be seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, baked crisp and topped with salsa. It breaks my tomato rule, but I am not going to slather it with salsa, just putting on enough for taste.

4. Veggies! I am making cauli-rice, will have salad and spaghetti squash at the ready. Oh and plantain chips. I love my plantain chips!!

I am feeling ready for this. I am excited to try new recipes and get back to the clean feeling my body has when I am eating like this. I am also glad that Hayley and Linh will be joining me in this again! We can share recipes and maybe get back to our Sunday cooking club 🙂

Now off to the grocery store! I have a crazy busy Sunday {which is awesome cause I am still not 100%}. Time for my last chai tea for 30 days!