Whole 30 {60}: Lessons from First 30 Days

This Whole30 has been a totally different experience than my previous one. First–I was already making food for my meals, so I didn’t miss a beat there. What I did do was try new recipes, and they were all winners. Korean Short Ribs, Chicken Meatballs in a homemade Marinara sauce, Almond Milk, Cauliflower Dirty Rice and … Continue reading

Terminator = ME

Tomorrow it BEGINS! My second go at a Whole30 {technically Whole60} and although I am mildly excited, I feel more the Terminator. I feel like my focus on my objectives and ultimate goal {healthy relationship with sugar} are making it so that I am less emotional this time and just…ready. I am so determined to … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

I know it’s been a bit since I wrote–holidays will do that to you, especially when you are travelling! Plus, I got sick over a week ago {again??? AGAIN}, and this time the sickness was a doozy and knocked me off my feet for a few days and made me cancel my Christmas party. Needless … Continue reading