Terminator = ME

terminatorTomorrow it BEGINS! My second go at a Whole30 {technically Whole60} and although I am mildly excited, I feel more the Terminator. I feel like my focus on my objectives and ultimate goal {healthy relationship with sugar} are making it so that I am less emotional this time and just…ready. I am so determined to be successful I have decided that I will not be removing temptation from my life—how will I learn to operate in the world after this if I make this experience temptation-free? So starting on day 15 my husband is encouraged to bring ice cream, chocolate and chips into the house and eat it in front of me. Now don’t go thinking he will sit physically in front of me and make noises of satisfaction, I am no sadist! Instead, he will just sit on his couch and do his thing. I did this in the past with Coke, pizza and other things I used to love. Sure, it sucked initially but now I don’t even notice it when people eat that in front of me, instead it kind of grosses me out. THUS, the goal is to get to this point with ice cream and chocolate. I want to be able to survive a birthday party and not feel like killing everyone.


Below is a very interesting infographic I took from another blogger I follow—my favourite part is where the mice decided to take sugar over cocaine. What other evidence do we need to know how poisonous sugar is for our bodies? sugar infographic