Merry Christmas!

ex sick againI know it’s been a bit since I wrote–holidays will do that to you, especially when you are travelling! Plus, I got sick over a week ago {again??? AGAIN}, and this time the sickness was a doozy and knocked me off my feet for a few days and made me cancel my Christmas party. Needless to say I haven’t worked out since. Why? Mostly because I have had a lingering cough and I am still slightly congested. I think I might have pushed it the last time by working out when I wasn’t 100% physically ready. But now I am feeling much better and thus today it’s more fear than anything else that is keeping me away. Fear of working out in a box that people don’t know me and I will be pathetic. I have worked out once a week all December, on average, due to being sick so much. I know my muscle mass and conditioning will come back quickly, it’s just getting there. So I admit it, I am scared. Will I wind up there anyways? Probably.

Also, if anyone can keep me healthy for the rest of the winter, I will be your best friend forever.

ex whole 30 logoSo I move onto planning my Whole 30 adventure as soon as I get back from Canada. I have read thorough a guide sent by my friend Andrea, which has some good recipes and the mentality behind the program. So now I am trying to plan my meals in advance so when I get back, I can go grocery shopping and prep in advance. I am thinking the first week will be:

  • Prosciutto wrapped frittata’s for breakfastex stuffed peppers
  • Beef stuffed peppers with cauli-mash for lunch
  • Tuna salad for lunch or dinner
  • Chicken fajitas with lettuce wraps for dinner

Snacks are going to be more challenging. I need to figure out something healthy and tasty. I think, in the long run, the wanting to snack will be my biggest challenge, so I might just get real with myself and have only fruit and a few nuts. I found this neat recipe for nuts called Cinnamon Coconut Roasted Nuts and it looks tasty. I just have to choose the right nuts and not eat a ton.

If you have any snack ideas, let me know, I will be interested in trying them.

I am doing this with a few friends and we had discussed doing food prep together and I am going to put out feelers and see if they want to do some prep together for January. I think if we get together it will inspire creativity and fellowship.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas–mine was filled with family, love and laughter. It was fantastic surprising my mother, as she did not expect us to be in her home for it. Her reaction was priceless–she was coming down the stairs and saw us and stopped talking, said “Oh!” and sat down on the stairs in shock! It was amazing. I can only wish for everyone in my life that they felt as loved and happy as I did this Christmas.

xoxo Christine