90 Miles in 90 Days Session 8

wp-1451877994274.jpgYup, I am doing it again. I made the decision on the very last day to sign p at 11:50pm. Nothing like time running out and feeling tired of not moving my ass to make me sign up for something I thought I wouldn’t do again. This is going to be walking with the hope that by February I might take a stab of light jogging. Guys, my conditioning is nonexistent. It’s crazy!! My thighs are sore from walking! I am humbled and just moving on. Tomorrow: I return to Crossfit and I am just going to do what I can, I have no illusions of what I can do. But it’s ok. I have mini-goals. Like not being winded as much in 3 weeks.wp-1451877981903.png
Anyhoo, I have been recording what I am eating, but it hasn’t been enough and I am aware. I have gone through my new cookbook Thug Kitchen, and I plan on making some delicious food tomorrow. I might even take pictures, who knows? I might have a new recipe review? WHAT! Yup. Soak it in people, soak it in.

P.S. My name on My Fitness Pal is Xine_23 in case you want to track food with me. I am a riveting person to watch eat đŸ˜‰