Spaghetti Squash and Marinara Sauce Recipe

This recipe is a little bit time consuming with the sauce, but it is worth it!! And the spaghetti squash is shockingly easy to make for a first-timer, thank you Hayley for walking me through it. Overall, this recipe is tasty, filling and healthy, which is a win-win for me. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of olive oil … Continue reading

Chinese Five-Spice Pork Ribs Recipe

This little dandy comes from the cookbook Well Fed 2. It’s a paleo cookbook that has turned into a go-to book for me during the Whole30. I bought some ribs yesterday and went home and made them. Cause I am impatient like that. These ribs just might be crazy tasty. AND they are very easy to … Continue reading

Donut Experimentation

My friend Hayley came over on Sunday and we tried 2 paleo donut recipes–pumpkin cream donut sandwiches & carrot cake. Thank you PaleOMG for the recipes! Hayley and I found the first recipe to be complicated and we didn’t put the coconut milk in the fridge overnight, so I had to whip it with my … Continue reading