GOALS {2014 Edition}

Buckle up beotches! I have been doing a lot of thinking about my physical abilities and where I want to go for 2014. I have been thinking about this for a good 6 weeks and consulting with my trainers and everything. I have been thinking about my food and have experimented over the past 10 … Continue reading

PR’s and Weird Behaviour

This post is going to be a little fractured, as there have been things going on in my life that have kept me busy and prevented me from writing here. Like a CrossFit competition at my box and me making 100 mini banana breads for a friend. I might have napped at 11am on Sunday. I … Continue reading


This past week has been pretty great when it comes to making gains at my workouts. And it feels damn good!!!!! I ran over a mile without stopping! I put on my headset after being upset that I couldn’t do CrossFit Monday as planned. So I put on my music and ran until I felt … Continue reading

Hangover Blues

Oh gentle readers I did something I regret–I drank like a sailor on Saturday night. I also am a light-weight, so the amount that I drank hit me harder than I have been hit in recent history. I didn’t get sick that night, but I sure did say some funny things that my husband made … Continue reading

Love my CF Family

When I joined Pearland Crossfit, the furthest thing from my mind was whether or not the people I would meet there would become an integral part of my life. I wanted to be friends with them, for sure. I wanted to look forward to workout out with the same people and had a small group … Continue reading

Warrior Dash

My friend Hollie impressed me by doing the Warrior Dash just over a week ago. Her pictures made it look challenging yet fun. Add onto that I have wanted to do an even like this for a year. So on Sunday I went to their website and found out that the next run in Houston … Continue reading


Today’s workout was crazy–at first it seemed “ok”, you know mentally challenging but nothing to the point that it got to. It was one thing: 30 clean and jerks. Oh at 85 pounds…you know ten pounds under my one rep max! So I recognize that what I have just written might be greek. A clean … Continue reading

Nephew FUN!

My sister, husband and two kids are visiting for two weeks, and what does that mean?? Nephews working out with their aunt!! Jared and Blake had been to soccer camp last week and I wanted them to try this out and see if they liked it. Jared is 13, Blake is 8. For their first … Continue reading

Incredible Shrinking Woman!

This whole no sugar thing has been pretty great. But shhhhh, you didn’t hear me say that. I made these coconut “dream cups”, which is coconut butter as a base and dark chocolate (100%) mixed with honey and cocoa in the middle and coconut butter on top. It’s like a peanut butter cup but in … Continue reading

Humbling Experience

I have been feeling pretty good about myself. I feel like I am doing some good weight for just starting crossfit and I feel like I am doing well with form. Well, I went to a Canadian CrossFit place this week called CrossFit Altitude and their strength portion of the workout was overhead squats. I … Continue reading