Good Week

I have had a strong two weeks for working out = woo hoo! I only missed Monday and that was because I have gotten a second cold. Second in three weeks! Stupid body! I am not even living in Canada, so I find it frustrating that I am getting sick so often. Although this time … Continue reading

Crossfit Interpretation

After being part of Pearland Crossfit for over a month, I am noticing some differences, not only in class structure but in my endurance and capabilities. The class stuff is obvious–instead of working out for an hour, we warm up, practice some new skill (headstands anyone??) and then do a workout that last between ten and … Continue reading

Saturday is FUNday!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sore. Super, super sore. Pearland Crossfit is making my core the sorest part of my body. So I went into my first Saturday workout a little (ok a lot) nervous about the workout. I knew I was going to be working out with people who are crazy in shape and … Continue reading