Bye Bye Boobs

It’s kind of amazing how the week that I gain weight is the week when I start seeing differences in my body again. It started with my trainer saying something on Monday. Then the next day at work my boss said that it was getting noticeable that I was losing weight, that I was looking different. Then … Continue reading

Weight Gain = Sadness

It wasn’t a tremendous gain, but a gain none-the-less. It’s sad. It’s demoralizing. I am working very hard to lose weight and get in shape, so to see a gain is disheartening. I have just recently written about my struggles with food and I know that Easter weekend didn’t help matters (eating mini eggs) nor … Continue reading

Eating Out Tricks

The latest Weight Watchers meeting discussed tricks when you eat out. This was a great topic considering that the week before I ate out three times and ordered from the menu without really thinking too much. I made sure I was ordering chicken and somewhat healthy food but I still ate the bread when it … Continue reading

Thoughts on Weight Watchers

After four days on the program I am not finding it too different from my regular eating, minus a few small changes. That being said, these small changes have made a difference, as I have had to substitute my favourite carb (potatoes) with a much healthier choice–brown rice. I had been avoiding this, honestly. I … Continue reading

Weight Watchers

In an effort to control my sweets eating and to get some moral support, I am joining Weight Watchers today for a month to see how it goes. I already know a lot of the food stuff, but I still almost willing fail at it. I am hoping this will be the accountability piece that … Continue reading

Quiet = Busy

Do not fear gentle readers, I have not stopped working hard at this journey even though I have been ill and not as verbose as of late. I am finding myself exhausted at the end of the day when I get home and I usually think of fun things to post about on the drive … Continue reading

Sickness SUCKS

It leads to me analyzing everything about my fitness and eating. I am the ultimate over-analyzer, which means I have been dissecting what I have been doing, looking at how I eat, workout and how I determine my success. Here is what I am pondering: I am considering training for a marathon. Why? Many reasons … Continue reading